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If You Have An Audience Of Serious Amazon FBA Sellers, We Can Help Them Get Access To $10,000 Per Month In Free Google Ads (For LIFE)

And Send You Weekly Commission Checks Just For Copy Pasting A Few Emails

Top 3 Reasons For Promoting This Offer To Your Audience...

#1: This offer converts like crazy because it solves the 3 biggest problems of Amazon FBA sellers…

#2:  You get paid FAST! We will send you commission checks within 7 days for every sale closed.

#3:  The program works. We have a 100% success rate (so far) in helping Amazon sellers secure 10K per month in Free Google Ads.

The Offer Overview

We help Amazon FBA sellers get access to 10k per month in FREE Google Ads (for life).

Google has a program called Google Grants where they give nonprofits 10k per month in free ads. They have a strict criteria of who gets it and what kind of ads can be run with a Grant account.

We help com brands figure out a genuine mission/cause they can get behind so they can qualify for this grant. Then we use this grant to strategically raise money for their charity, while also boosting sales of their Amazon or Shopify products.

Here’s how the whole process works:

Step #1 – We identify your Non Profit Idea

In this step, we identify a mission or a cause that’s relevant to your existing brand or business that you can support.

This cause will be relevant to your existing audience / products – and we will setup a brand new non-profit organisation around this.

Your time investment – 5 minutes

Step #2 – We create a Non Profit for you

Next, our team will help you register your non-profit (and handle all the paperwork required) to get this completed in the fastest way possible, without any hiccups.

All the legal costs & fees associated with this are covered by us.

You’ll simply provide us with your brand & non profit details (we will help you with this), and our Grant Expert team will handle the rest

Your time investment – 30 minutes

Step #3 – We Setup Your Grant Compliant Website

Now our team will custom design a website for your non-profit that’s 100% compliant with Google Grant policies.

Your website will be setup on WordPress, and we’ll setup the domain + hosting + a landing page builder (with 3 product promotion pages installed for you).

All the costs of this are covered by us – and once its all finalized, we will transfer ALL these assets to you.

You hold and retain 100% control of the non-profit, the domain, the website, the landing pages – EVERYTHING.

Your time investment – NONE

Step #4 – Apply For The Google Grants Program

Now in the final steps, we’ll apply for the $10,000 per month in free Google ads for your new non profit.

We only take on brands that we know can be eligible to receive this grant.

Plus – we only help business owners who are mission-driven and want to give back to the community.

Your TOTAL time investment – Less than 60 minutes

What’s Included In The Google Grant Program

Price Point & Commissions

We have 3 packages we offer to clients. 

Tier 1: $5,500 per grant ($500 commission)

Tier 2: $9,000 per grant ($1,000 commission)

Tier 3: $19,500 per grant ($2,000 commission)

Some clients qualify & get multiple grants, so if someone orders 2 grants your commissions above are doubled.

How The Promo Works

It’s a simple Book A Call Funnel.

Step 1 – You copy paste the emails we give you and send it to your email list.

Step 2 – When someone clicks, they go to an optin form and enter their name, email & phone number.

Step 3 – Next, they get to watch a detailed 35 minute video explaining how the entire process works.

Step 4 – They book a call and our team closes them.

We also have setters who will manually call up each lead who didn’t book a call and encourage them to watch the video & schedule a call.

We also have retargeting campaigns setup on Facebook & Google so your leads will see our ads all over the web.

We are going to be following up with your leads across multiple mediums & channels to ensure we close the sale and send you commission checks.

Funnel Examples

Email Swipes

Why Should You Partner With Us?

#1 – You don’t need a massive audience to make this work.

This offer is such that your list can be super small (even less than 1,000) but as long as you have the RIGHT people on your list (in this case, serious Amazon FBA sellers), you will be making thousands of dollars in commissions just by copy pasting a few emails.

#2 – You don’t need to be great at marketing yourself

We have a well optimized marketing funnel along with a team of setters & closers ready to close sales. Our funnel will capture your leads and we will follow up with them across all mediums & channels for months and credit the sales back to you.

#3 – You don’t need to create ANYTHING.

No need to write any copy. Or setup any pages. We take care of the whole process from start to finish. Simply load up the emails in your email marketing service…and we will take care of the rest.

Got Questions? Ready To Promote?

Contact JV Manager Jagan Krishnan.

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Skype – Jagan.Krrish