What we do

Each Grant Gets You $10,000 Per Month In Free Ads For Life

We’ll create a non-profit organization for you, build a 100% compliant website & get you approved for the Google Grants program so you can secure $120,000 per year in free ads (for life).

Our Guarantee: If You Don’t Get Approved, You Don’t Pay!

What is also included

Perpetual Sales Machine

Pre-sell content pages designed to warm up your audience & send them to your product pages. These are customized for your specific brand’s products.

Google Grant Playbook

We have step by step playbooks to help you maximize your ROI with your new Grant account in under 1 hour per month.

Ad Campaigns Installed For You

We’ll setup all the Keywords, Ads & Tracking inside your new ads account so you’re compliant with Google’s Grant policies.

Rainmakers AI Toolkit

This exclusive suite of powerful A.I. tools will turn you into a master Google advertiser even if you’ve never run Google ads before!

Our Done For You Service Includes

Time required : 60 minutes

1-on-1 Mission Mapping Session

Identify a mission or cause that’s relevant to your brand’s products & audience with help of our Instant Mission Mapper tool.

Custom Non Profit Website

Our team will custom build & install a mission driven website for your non-profit that’s 100% compliant with the Google Grant program.

Sales Funnel & Landing Page Builder

One year of free access to our advanced sales funnel builder with pre-installed templates for landing pages, A/B testing, and lead capture, enhancing your website’s marketing capabilities.

Instant Non Profit Setup

Includes registration, compliance, paperwork & costs associated to set up your new non profit the right way.

Free Domain & Hosting

One year of free domain and hosting, with an option to continue or transfer after a year.

Guaranteed Grant Approval

Our team will apply for the Google Grants program so you’re guaranteed to receive $120k per year in free PPC ads for each grant account.

Infinite ROI Playbooks To Turn Free Google Ads Into Organic Traffic & Sales

Includes click-by-click playbooks for setting up & optimizing winning Google campaigns in less than 10 minutes even if you’ve never run Google ads before!

Account Checklist

Follow this checklist to stay compliant with Google’s ad grant policies so your account is never at the risk of suspensions.

The Fisher Campaign

This campaign helps you discover profitable “money” keywords.

The Sniper Campaign

This campaign helps you double-down on the winning keywords so you can scale them up for maximum ROI.

Campaign Automators

How to use Google Ads Rules & Automations to automatically manage & scale your campaigns.

Infinite Scaling System

The exact account & campaign structure we recommend to max out your $329 / day in free ad spend.

Advanced Bidding Tactics

The best bidding strategies for scaling your Google ad campaigns to attract maximum clicks, leads & sales.

Activate Your Perpetual Sales Machine

Traffic & Sales Tracker: We will set up analytics & your attribution links so you can see exactly how much traffic, leads & sales you’re generating from your Google ad campaigns.

3 Google Ad Campaigns Installed: We’ll research your best selling products, identify the best keyword groups to target, and set up 3 ad campaigns to drive traffic & sales to your products.

3 Brand Sponsored Posts Installed: 3 sell content pages designed to filter ‘window shoppers’ from ‘ready to buy’ customers.

VIP Access To Rainmakers Toolbox

This exclusive suite of powerful A.I. tools will turn you into a master Google advertiser because you’ll be able to generate persuasive keyword lists, ad copy and landing page content within minutes with the push of a button.

Audience Sniper

Identify the best groups of “hungry audiences” who are ready to buy your products.

Irresistible Lead Bait Wizard

Crafts a lead magnet that’s irresistible for your audience so you can build an engaged email & SMS list.

Google Keywords & Ads Wizard

Create targeted keyword lists & search ads for your Google ad campaigns within minutes.

Brand Sponsored Posts Generator

Creates engaging “pre-sell” content around your product that warms up your audiences and sends ready to buy traffic to your Amazon or Shopify product listings.

Ad Compliance Checker

Want to quickly check if an ad will get approved or rejected by Google? Had one of your ads disapproved and couldn’t figure out why? Troubleshoot the exact problem within minutes with this.

Irresistible Lead Bait Wizard

Crafts a lead magnet that’s irresistible for your audience so you can build an engaged email & SMS list

Special Bonuses & Gifts Only Available To Our Clients

3 “Set & Forget” Google Ad Campaigns

Copy our 3 best “set and forget” Google ad campaigns that you can launch for less than $20 a day that have generated 7-figures per year in sales at a 300%+ RoAS.

The Fence Tipper Campaign:
Scoop up the “cream of the crop” traffic by getting in front of visitors that are already ready to buy from you.

Cart Reviver Campaign: Recover 20-40% of lost sales with this easy $5 a day set & forget campaign.

The Whale Campaign: Add 6-figures per year in extra sales
by getting in front of thousands of people searching for your products every day. 

$50,000 Non Profit Discounts

Unlock 50+ discounts only available to non-profits for online tools & services you’re already paying thousands of dollars per year in subscriptions for. These discounts add up to $50,000 per year in potential savings.

Private Referral Program

Invitation to our exclusive partners program where you can refer others & get paid by sharing this with other mission driven business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google made over $236 Billion in ad revenue in 2023 alone. They’ve been using the Google Ad Grants to write off billions of dollars every year since 2003. They’re using their own platform to “donate” free ads so they can pay less taxes.

There are no requirements to be eligible. You can apply from any country. You don’t need a minimum revenue. Everything else you need, we will get you setup with.

With our done for you services, in less than 3 hours of your time – we will get your Google Ad Grants account in less than 3 weeks and then we will install the Perpetual Sales Machine and turn on your Google ad campaigns.

Once you get the account, you have access to free ads for LIFE.

We’ll give you a step-by-step playbook to securely run ads for your nonprofit and recommendations to have someone run your ads for you, if that is what you want to do.

No, once your account is approved, you will be able to spend $10,000 per month… forever.

No, the Google nonprofits account will never go above $329/day ($10,000/month) and there is no credit card attached to the account so you CAN’T get billed ever.

Well, there are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the US alone (and over 10 million worldwide) and there are only 115k nonprofits worldwide benefiting from this program. Even nonprofits don’t know that this is possible!

We can do that and we offer multi-grant discounts as well.

On our live demo call together, we’ll be happy to clarify and answer any questions you may have.

We want to help mission driven brands create a deeper impact, while increasing exposure & sales so they don’t have to rely on paid ads, or the constantly changing algorithms of platforms like Amazon.

Book A Private Demo With Our Grant Experts Team

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